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Note: No email will be sent to the customer

Payment Method

If no specific method is selected, the payment can be funded by any funding type that is supported for the merchant excluding invoice.

For credit card payments a test card can be used: 4581 1111 1111 1112. Any expiration date and any cvc code between 100 and 500 will work with this card.

For invoices this person number can be used: 230119-6412. Any Zip Code will work with this number.

Debug Parameters

For more detailed testing you may create your own test agent for use in the test environment. Create your own test agent here. This test agent will be automatically approved for both credit card/bank payments and invoice payments. Using your own test agent makes it possible for you to login to that test account (on the test enironment) and see the requestlogs for your test agent.

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