This is a basic web shop that use Payson to handle payments. Its purpose is to demo how a Payson checkout can look when integrated in a site. It is configured to use the Payson test environment, so feel free to click around and try to buy a couple of items!

The shop has most of the basic functionality that a real shop would have, and supports both Credit Card, Bank and Invoice payment options. However, it lacks an administration interface and it does not store any data but relies on the Payson account.

Technical Details

The full source of the site is available on GitHub. Feel free to download it and try it out yourself!

The shop is built in ASP.Net MVC 3 with C# and uses the C# helper library available in the Payson GitHub organisation to integrate with the Payson API. It is configured to use the test API at https://test-api.payson.se, meaning no money will be moved, and no items will be shipped.

For full details of the Payson API please take a look in the Payson Integration Guide at https://api.payson.se